Bringing Asia to Arizona 

For more that 30 years, Our Local store has satisfied the needs of Asian Community around Phoenix area by providing them with their hometown flavors. Today, Lams' has grown from an Asian market into grand International Supermarket catering to: Chinese, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnamese, South America, Burmese, Indian, Jamaican, Cambodian, African and much more.

From day one, Lams' has embraced the customers-first philosophy and operated the company on customer needs. Our objective is to create a shopping experience where service is excellent and efficient selection is wide and endless, and quality produce around the world.

Our goal is to serve customers from all over the world.

Fresh Produce

From Snow peas to Jamaican yams; from bamboo shoots to Dragon fruit a wide selection of high quality exotic fruits and vegetables can be found here. 

    We receives the freshest produce from farms around the world daily. We specialize in produce from many regions of China, Taiwan, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and India. Many unique and hard to find items such as Thai Eggplant, chrysanthemum leaves, gobo, Asian Pears, Shanghai Bok Choy, Taiwan Cabbage, Chinese Eggplant are just a few of the produce items we carry. Of course we also carry local favorites vegetable.

Fresh Seafood

We features live and fresh fish. Our live fish are presented in our large tanks running the length of our seafood counter. Our fresh fish is truly fresh, never frozen like at some other grocery stores. We purchase our fish directly from the fisherman themselves. Our Seafood Department features crab, salmon, tilapia, scallop, shrimp, and much more..

Our Live Fish Coming Soon to Our New Location 35th ave & Camelback....

         Freshness is very important when it comes to seafood. Our seafood department works hard to provide you with the freshest seafood available at the lowest price possible with the friendliest service to make your visit enjoyable. With our quick and professional cleaning service, we can cut most fish to your liking! We have live catfish, and blue crabs, clams, oysters and lobsters among many other seafood products!

Fresh Meat 
We feature many different kind of meat not usually seen in national-chain supermarkets.

         We carry a lot of specialty meat ranging from pork neck bones, duck feet, pigs ears and many more. We specialized in many different cuts that are usually hard to find at your local traditional store. We feature fresh USDA approved meat that are delivered daily at all our stores. 

International Groceries 

We carry over 40,000 authentic groceries including spices, canned goods, dried fruits, preserved vegetables, and frozen items imported from China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Burmese, Laos, Caribbean  and other Southeastern Asian countries.

We Specialized In:
  • Jamaican product (Goldenkrust Bakery)
  • Philippine product
  • Chinese product
  • Caribbean  product
  • South American product
  • Vietnamese 
  • African 
  • Korean 
  • Japanese 
  • Thailand
  • And Much More..
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